Welcome to Wrapped in Memories

Find out how to use slings with your baby or older child, how to get the most out of your carrier, learn to use slings or learn how slings can help you in your own and your baby or child’s  needs.


My aim is to help as many families as possible to get the most benefits out of your babywearing journey as possible. I offer one to one consultations, family consults, workshops and trouble shooting sessions.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram where I add my own experiences, parts of my journey,  occasional videos (I’ll add some here too) and other bits you’ll hopefully find helpful, interesting or occasionally funny.

I’m mum to 3; a 5 year old and twin 1 year olds all of whom I’ve carried from birth. I have trained with Born To Carry as a peer supporter in 2015 and as a consultant with both Slingababy and Je Porte mon Bèbè (now known as Love Radius) in 2016.



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