Workshops are a way of learning with a small group of people (3-6). Gillian (the consultant) leads the topic and using demo dolls you practice the skills or carry then try with your own children.

Some workshops that I run are (but not limited to):

  • 4th Trimester

The first 3 months of your baby’s life is often termed as the ‘4th Trimester’ and there is increasing amounts of research being done in this area as it is being seen as an important factor in many areas of baby’s development. In this time your baby is experiencing a lot of new things and these can be overwhelming. Their constant is their main carers, especially Mum. In this time hormone levels are high and bonding and comfort are the main focus. To learn more, help with bonding and even breastfeed in slings this workshop may be for you.

  • Introduction to Carrying

There are so many questions when you begin your journey into ‘babywearing’. This workshop aims to cover many of the most asked questions; such as which carrier is ‘best’? Why carry your baby/child? How do I find whats right for me? will it make my baby clingy? and give you some time to try what type of sling could work for your situation

  • Introduction to woven wraps

Introduction to Woven Wraps workshop is designed for those who want to know more about how these long pieces of material and how they can be used to carry their baby/ child comfortably and easily

  • Getting more from your stretchy wrap

Stretchy wraps are great for those squishy newborn cuddles, but they can be used for more than one type of carry and even support breastfeeding. This workshop aims to tweak any issues you may have had and show you some other helpful carries too (including a carry to help nosy babies)

  • Learning to back carry in a structure carrier

This workshop is designed for those who want to Carry their Child (approx 6 months up) in a Buckled carrier (connecta, beco, boba etc) or a Bai Dai on their back. This workshop shows you the different ways of getting baby/child onto and off your back safely and independently.

  • Back carrying with a woven wrap

This workshop will discuss when and why to start carrying your baby on your back, as well as safety considerations specific to back wrapping.

We will look at different methods for getting your baby/child onto your back, followed by how to do a rucksack carry and a Back Wrap Cross Carry. There will be the opportunity to practice your new skills with weighted demo dolls, and then your own child if you’ve brought them with you.

  • Breastfeeding in Slings


  • Tandem Carrying (its not just for twins)


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