All consultancy packages take place at the consultants house and will use weighted demonstration dolls so can be done before baby arrives and/or with baby/child.

A personalised consultation is a one-to-one  session of  up to one and a half hours. These are designed to find a carrier based on what suits you and your baby/ies needs and aims to allow you to try a variety of carriers in a calm space and use weighted demonstration dolls to ensure you feel confident in whichever carrier you choose before moving forwards and trying with your child.

If you are currently expecting a baby/babies then we can split the consultation into two one hour sessions, one for before the birth and one for after (with a £5 additional fee).

£35 (£40 if split into 2 parts for before and after baby arrives)

Family Consult (2 Adults) can be both parents or parent and grandparent or other 2 carer options. This works the same as a personalised consult but will run for 2 hours with a £5 additional fee to allow more time as what suits one parent/carer may not suit the other and more time may be needed to allow trying more carriers or different learning techniques


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