All consultancy packages take place at the consultants house and will use weighted demonstration dolls so can be done before baby arrives and/or with baby/child.

A personalised consultation is a one-to-one  session of  up to one and a half hours. These are designed to find a carrier based on what suits you and your baby/ies needs and aims to allow you to try a variety of carriers in a calm space and use weighted demonstration dolls to ensure you feel confident in whichever carrier you choose before moving forwards and trying with your child.

If you are currently expecting a baby/babies then we can split the consultation into two one hour sessions, one for before the birth and one for after (with a £5 additional fee).

£30 (£35 if split into 2 parts for before and after baby arrives)

Family Consult (2 Adults) can be both parents or parent and grandparent or other 2 carer options. This works the same as a personalised consult but will run for 2 hours with a £5 additional fee to allow more time as what suits one parent/carer may not suit the other and more time may be needed to allow trying more carriers or different learning techniques


Simple Consult to give approx 30 minutes to troubleshoot a carrier you already own or have on hire.

This option is for simple requests such as front carries in buckle carriers, meh dais, ring Slings, stretchy and woven wraps, back carries in buckle carriers, meh dais and ring Slings.

It is also suitable for experienced users with woven wraps to learn a single new carry including back carries.

This option is also suitable if you have a carrier in mind you’d like to buy from myself  (please ask for details and availability) and want a short tutorial on its use.




Travel to your home incurs a fee of 0.50 per mile and will be arranged with the consultant in advance
If the appointment runs over by more than 15 minutes the consultant reserves the right to charge an extra £3.75 per 15 minutes

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