A Carry a day of Advent (twin style) part 4

Day 19: Neko Tai and Soul Onbuhimio

I did a sneaky competition for some little leg warmers and a hidden reveal from under the coat and asked people to guess the carriers.

Pros Cons
  • Only one waist band (great for short torso)
  • Spreadable wrap straps on the Neko tai to reinforce seat
  • Can get child in or out of onbu easily and independent of other child
  • All weight of baby in onbuhimio is carried in the shoulders
  • Difficult to get child out of Neko tai without disturbing the other child


Day 20: Size 7 Firespiral Twighlight seafoam wrap tied Ruck with a knot under bum then on the from cross passes the opposite shoulder strap then a hammock pass to tie off on one side20181220_083600

I love my wraps, I cant help it. I fell in love with them 5 years ago with my eldest as I could position how I felt comfortable and not trigger my bad back. i loved using a ruck with my eldest so learning to add a second baby seemed easy enough. BUT, I often see the weight of the front baby pulling on the legs of the back baby if they are at really different heights and back baby is unsecured until front baby is added. So I don’t do my usual High Ruck, I lower it, then secure with a single knot under their bum before threading the Tibetan straps. This meant that while the Tibetan straps were still loose to add in the front baby the child on my back was secure and not going to fall.

Pros Cons
  •  Only one wrap needed
  • Once you can ruck adding a second child isn’t too complicated


  •  Cant get baby on back down without removing baby on your front
  • Be aware of the wrap pulling from one twin or child to interact with the second twin/ child.

Day 21: size 3 Oscha Liberty Maya

Lots on single carries and walking today and then upset child with croup so one kept cuddled and calm

Pros Cons
  • Can do lots of different carries
  • Can do front, back or side carries
  • Fits from newborn to toddler and beyond
  • Size 3 only fits one twin
  • Hard in the wind
  • Bigger learning curve with woven wraps

Day 22: size 6 wrap one child Ali Dover Gift 2 FWCC

After a night in hospital with croup today we both needed cuddles for recovery and reassurance. We spend from 5.30 until 1 or 2 am at hospital with lots of help needed for breathing. I had to hold him for medicines he didn’t like taking and my heart broke for his sobs, I had to stay strong for him and give him comfort. So today we both needed the connection and cuddles

Pros Cons
  • All the hugs
  • Weight spread evenly and comfortable on my back
  • Warm bodies and cool air to breath (great for Croup)
  • I could monitor his breathing easily
  • Cant see my feet


Day 23:  Neko Switch

Front carries Back carries, sleepy carries and breastfeeding, a full test of the Switch today with hubby taking one twin and we swapped over so each got mummy and daddy time. We went on a  Zoo trip while it was quiet and everyone else was doing last minute chrismas shopping


Pros Cons
  • Can carry front and back carries
  • Easy up and down
  • Could Breastfeed easily
  • Easy to wear empty when they ran about independently
  • Breastfeeding needed a low carry which does pull on my lower back and hurt if I’m  not careful
  • Poppers on the waist that adjust the width of the panel for different aged and sized babies can come undone if not careful when doing a secure hip scoot

Day 24: Connecta


A quick run to town pick up an ordered present. Little miss wanted to puddle splash but then got tired so up she went. I’m not a huge fan of carrying over puddle suits (it makes them slippy) but it was necessary as the rain was relentless and we would have been drenched taking off coats. SSC’s are much easier when 

carrying over slippy suits and feel more secure to me than wrapping but also no wrap tails in muddy puddles.

Pros Cons
  • Connecta Solar weave packs away small so easy to pop in a bag for when they get tired
  • Not muddy wrap tails
  • Dries quickly
  • Doesn’t change properties when wet
  • Still a bit slippy need to take extra care with tightening and position






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