A Carry a Day of Advent (twin style)part 3

I’m back doing a mix of all slings and a few more single carry’s this week (as in only carrying one twin for the carry a day). Its been really interesting writing these (my first Blogs) for many reasons, Finding my style of writing, trying to get my humour across, trying not to waffle (telling myself to stop already) and also analysing what I’m using and questioning are my quick and easy options actually that or is there a better option now our needs have changed). I am incredibly lucky i have lots of carriers of my own, in my consult stash for teaching and also being lent to me by people in the lovely Sling community. But if you want to try something new without spending a fortune on ALL the slings (you really could if you wanted) You could find your local Consultant or Sling library to go through some options (not all 24 ) and see what you think. what i like may not suit you. we all like the fit of different jeans for our shape and comfort and slings can be like that.


Day 13: 1 wrap a size 6 (my base size*) – Half Jordan’s with a Candy Cane Chest Belt (CCCB) and hammock squeezed onto the front tied on tails20181213_084225

Wonderful travelling wrap,  Morpho, from Rowan Bay. Wow so soft and supple and loads of ‘cush’ for the shoulders, absolutely perfect qualities for a tandem wrap. The colour is stunning I really wish Id had better weather the week it was here to get more photos outside with the natural light. The blue is like electric lightening around a black night sky. But enough about the wrap….

Half Jordans is an asymmetric carry with one pass going between the childs legs but the other making a hammock or sling pass. Then a CCCB and a hammock on the front with a rope pass and just enough length to tie on the side you ended the CCCB.

Pros Cons
  • Felt weightless (to the point I reached under my coat to check it was all secure)
  • Used base size which many people have from first children if your using this to carry to separately aged children in tandem
  • One wrap to take with you if you want to carry later or only took 1 thinking 1 would walk
  • CCB look pretty and spread weight
  • Wraps are pretty
  •  Big learning curve
  • Need to be sure on tightening
  • Some dislike CCCBs so you can tie at shoulder then still do the hammock on the front
  • One hammock pass one cross pass some feel lopsided when they do this variation of a back carry


*your Base size in a wrap is the size of wrap you need to do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)


Day 14: Meh Dai (one baby) Neko Tai

20181214_185617.jpgI really love Meh Dais. I got to use an amazing tester from Neko Tai courtesy of SlumberRoo (many thanks) and this is a Rainbow that is so beautiful and its so easily adjusted in the panel height and width to fit a wide range of children (my twins are 20 months). Also the Neko Tai has wrap straps which not only means you can spread the weight as you would with a wrap but you can also use it to reinforce the childs seat and even extend it for longer legs (there is also a toddler size). For me Meh Tais are a mix of wrap and SSC easy to use like an SSC shorted learning curve but you can also gain the comfort of a wrap using a few wrapping techniques on the shoulders and seat (good for practising)

Pros Cons
  •  Easy and simple like an SSC
  • 2 Knots not 3 buckles (Knots are used to tie up bats and anchors etc so I trust them)
  • Can reinforce baby/childs seat
  • Can untie the waist band (great in pregnancy to take weight away from bump)
  • Can spread wrap straps (not all meh Dais have wrap straps some are padded) over the shoulders and back for comfort
  • Can Breastfeed in it (TBH you can in most slings once you know how but I do find this an easy option for it)
  •  Have to tie knots not clip buckles which is a divisive pro con depending on what you like  (always tie a secure double knot)
  • Long straps can get dragged into puddles if getting child up and down in the great wet wintery outdoors 😉


Day 15: front torso carry and an onbu20181215_100009.jpg

We booked the steam Santa train , since moving here all 3 are loving seeing and hearing the santa train  we can hear the whistle from our house and it’s a lovely sound. We needed to get to the train and then later home so only short trips and possibly confined space on the train I didn’t want to have a huge wrap and in the rain I wanted a short wrap in case I had to wrap on the platform in the rain. So I used my size 3 Oscha Liberty Maya in a Front torso carry and an onbu on my back. Theoretically all of front baby/childs weight is spread over my back and back baby/childs weight is on my shoulders.  So its an even split. Great for getting either down independently but I could not puy the child on my front if the onbu was already on.

Pros Cons
  •  One childs weight on my shoulders the other spread over my back
  • Onbu super quick to get up
  • Easy to get down independenly
  • Managed to get two to sleep and both transferred to a long nap in bed
  •  Trust the tightening on a torso carry – I used to wonder how people can do this when I cant get a towel to stay up after a shower 
  • Big learning curve with wrap
  • Onbu often more suited to older babies so not from newborn
  • Cant Breastfeed in it easily
  • Cant get front baby up second


20181216_165617[1].jpgDay 16: Carrying aid, my infinity loop from Baie slings

I used a few slings today to get from the car to houses in the rain and an Onbu then to shift another van load of things (yep we moved in August and still have garden things to collect from storage). But when cooking Sunday dinner I had a little shadow and it was dangerous to let her trip me up or try to stick her fingers in things so I used my infinity loop to keep her with me and while its not hands free it was enough to get the dinner done and interact with her and even feed her while I got on with it.

Pros Cons
  • Handy  (great emergency sling)
  • Interactive carrying
  • Could breastfeed in it 
  • Saved my arm from going numb and her from getting hurt
  •  Not hands free
  • Not a true sling



Day 17:  Ring sling and SSC

I cheated. I’ve done this one before, sorry. I’m tired, I needed easy, I needed to run after them, catch them who are also tired but fighting it and falling over a lot. I needed to get to school on time and not rush a wrap job in my tired state and end up with popped seats. So Ill focus on the  Ring sling was my lovely Handwoven from little fellows (who are no longer making wraps

Pros Cons
  •  Handwovens have no sewn rails due to the way they are made so glide through the rings evenly from edge to edge
  • Its super soft cotton and easy to wash (pop a sock on the rings)
  • The weave is lovely and it moulds to my shoulder comfortably and spreads weight across my back
  •  Handwovens can be expensive, this one was chopped and bought from a fellow Slingababy consultant so has some beautiful memories of slingababy camp
  • Because they can be expensive some people don’t want them to get messy but there’s babies involved who are messy so for me its going to happen


Day 18: Reinforced Ruck Tied at Shoulder then a reinforced hammock Tied at shoulder

20181218_083749Using a Size 6 woven Wrap, Morpho, from Rowan Bay (a wonderful travelling wrap)

Its my last day with this beauty so I wanted to try something different with it and show off both sides. So I started off centre and did a Ruck then using one long tail and one short I looped across and into my shoulder strap on the opposite side and put my second child in and then tightened and took the wrap back across in a reinforcing pass and tied off.

Neither pass has cross passes (which I know many prefer for the security of), it was really soft supportive and cuddly on a very windy and wet school run.

Pros Cons
  • Only 1 wrap needed
  • Used base sized wrap which many wrappers may have from first children and be told you have to have base size +1
  • Super supportive comfy shoulders
  • Makes me feel like a happy wrap user
  • Babies (ok toddlers) cuddled in easily even with arms out (my little man in particular likes to lean around in SSCs with arms out)
  • Wraps are so pretty (yup I know it’s all subjective 😊 )
  • Shows off 2 sides of your beautiful wrap
  •  Technically all weight is on the shoulders but to me it didn’t feel it
  • No cross passes if you have a super leg straightener this may put you off or if you’ve grown used to the security that cross passes provide it can be daunting
  • Big learning curve – probably classed as ‘expert’ skill level but completely possible to learn once you master a reinforced ruck its then adding similar to the front
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