A Carry a Day of Advent (twin style) part 2



I’m determined to use woven wraps this week, I often switch to SSCs and Ring slings and Meh Dais thinking with two its just quicker and easier, but I do miss my wraps. With my eldest (now nearly 6) I was mostly  wrap user from 8 ish months right the way through (with steadily less frequency) until she started school. And tired days and overwhelming emotions led to morning school runs and one or two pick ups needing that closeness and reassurance of her going up in a wrap.

So this week I’m trying to get back to trying out various woven combinations

Day 7: Double Hammock (one child only)

My shoulders are grateful… ooh the cush of a woven and with it being double hammock the pass across my chest spreads the weight though so much more. When I was new to Double hammocks and out of practise the chest pass can be tricky to get right but its so worth it. I did a simple variation started off centre and tied at my waist.

Pros Cons
  • Weight of child is very evenly distributed
  •  Shoulders are comfy and feel cushioned
  • Wraps are so beautiful and its easy to find one in your style
  • Can add a front carry to it easily
  • Big learning curve
  • Can take longer than a SSC
  • If Child is a leg straightener or leaner then it can be more tricky


Day 8: Reinforced Ruck, size 4 (one child only)

Time for the Local lantern parade with our eldests home made Unicorn(husband helped) and Pikachu (helped by me). We walked the entire parade with a twin each on our backs and lanterns held high danced to the drums and chatted to other people. She even won a prize and was in the paper. We enjoyed a mulled wine and it felt like Christmas and 3 happy children all getting attention and their needs met

Pros Cons
  • Easy and quick once ‘mastered’
  • Has the security of cross passes
  • High carry so she could look around easily at all of the exciting things going on
  • Comfy shoulders
  • Fits baby through to whatever age the wrap is weight tested to/you are comfy carrying and want to carry/child wants to be carried
  • Steeper learning curve
  • Tails of wraps can get wet if wrapping in the rain and it gets the floor (can loosely tuck tails in pockets once you know how)


Day 9: no no no size 3 Oscha liberty Maya


Our eldest loves animals (well they all do now) and often comments she wants a cat/dog/parrot etc but in our home pets aren’t presents but there are many that don’t have their forever homes yet so we played Sant for them and took some blankets to the local animal rescue home. Mostly all 3 wanted to look at all of the cats and rabbits but at first little man was tired and then little lady wanted milk then the switched so I managed the same carry on my non dominant side which is a little tricky.

Pros Cons
  • Easy up and down
  • No knots easy to loosen and tighten
  • Can use the short wrap as a scarf
  • Cuddles on front or hip really easily
  • Can be done from newborn until the weight you are comfortable carrying
  • Steeper learning curve
  • Need to ensure the shoulder loop stays in lace (take the slack to the loop then pull through)



Day 10: Double Hammock size 7 and Variation of FWCC with a size 3

School run time and it took less than 5 minutes to get both twin up. I often talk myself out of tandem wrapping thinking it will take me longer but when you wrap a lot you get quicker and better at it. You develop muscle memory

Pros Cons
  • Weight of children very evenly spread,
  • Really easy to add the front carry if you already know how to do a dh
  • Fits huge range of ages
  • Steeper Learning curve
  • Can’t get child on your back down without getting the child on the front down.



Day 11: Ruck and variation of fwcc through the ruck shoulder straps

Quick school runs with super comfy shoulders

Later a trip to the beach and ‘the Cantina’ for cake for my Birthday but I did switch to an SSC and RS so that I coud carry over my coat with the twins in full waterproofs.

I used my first higher end wrap and its still one of my favourites Firespiral Indigo Cyano seafoam its so supple and soft

Pros Cons
  • Easy Ruck is one of the first back carries I tech and its easy to add the front child to a Ruck if you’re already a wrapper
  • Quick to do
  • Both carries have the security of cross passes
  • More weight on your shoulders than a DH back carry would give
  • Tricky to tie the knot on your hip so it doesn’t dig into the child on your front
  •  Really tough to wrap over waterproofs if you want quick ups and downs


Day 12: Ring Sling and a SSC

Today I’m working on very little sleep and have a migraine so I went for quick, simple and for me its my fool proof option. But I decided to try the new pretty carriers from Nek kindly on loan from SlumberRoo

Pros Cons
  • Quick and simple
  • Can get each child down independently
  • Security of buckle for people who don’t ‘trust’ knots
  • Ring sling can make the weight of children seem lop sided if not tightened properly
  • Child on the front is often to one side of your front making crowds and weaving through people more likely to pull on you
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