A Carry A Day of Advent (twin style) Part 1


I thought I’d take this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone try out new slings. I’m posting a carry a day to Facebook and Instagram but I thought I’d also do a few brief reviews too. Many (if not most) of my carries will be tandem ones as I have 20 month old twins and a busy playground to negotiate for the school run with my almost 6 year old. So this is my everyday using slings as normal just throwing in new slings and combinations for advent. Feel free to message me with ideas to try or challenges to set me.



Day 1: 1 SSC, the Boba x

received_120415842234164[1]We went to the local Christmas lantern parade in Dartmouth and I only had to carry 1 Twin (my husband had the other).

I used the Boba X from Slumberoo in a back carry over my coat to allow for quick ups and downs so they could be safe and high in the crowds to see the procession and also come down to play with the circus toys and dance to the live music.


Pros Cons
  • Easy on and easy to secure hip scoot
  • Really comfy on my shoulders (I’m Picky)
    The chest strap is easy to adjust
  • Easy to adapt to smaller babies without the need for inserts and if I need it any bigger in the furture it comes with leg extenders
  • Two way tightening on the shoulder straps
  • PFA (perfect Fit Adjusters) on the shoulder straps to make them shorter (often I cant get buckle shoulder straps short enough)
  • Creastes a really good seat with knees higher and therefore good head support
  • Panel comes to mid- shoulder on smaller twin and just above armpits on taller one who is 18-20 clothes
  • Can’t cross straps (but not a problem for back carries)
  • The buckles can be a little fiddly to loosen when you want to adjust or take the child down


Day 2: 2 SSC, Boba x and We made me Venture plus

Unexpectedly solo with 3 children and 2 buckle carriers. One child was on my back in the Boba x and then twin 2 decided to either run off, flop to the ground and swing from my hand and laugh or just sit on the floor (it was a little stressful). My eldest was wanting me to look at this and that and chat to her at the same time too (which is perfectly reasonable).

So I had to thread the straps of the Venture plus from We Made Me through the carrier already on my back (will do a video when I get compliant twins)

Pros Cons
  • It worked
  • Both twins happy and comfy
  • Waist bands sat at different heights on my torso as child on my back was higher
  • I could get either child down first
  • The carrier on my front with the cross straps rode up to my neck a bit
  • Wouldn’t be comfy for much longer than I used it. Maybe an hour
  • Not easy to add a front carrier with cross straps on when already carrying a child on my back


Day 3: Mamaruga Zen sling and Soul Sling onbu


Put the zen sling on pre clipped  but loose enough to add child in then put child in onbu on my back securely and popped front child into the zen sling then tightened

Pros Cons
  • Easy to get back child up and down independently of front child
  • Could get front child in and out independently (little fiddly)
  • Comfier shoulders due to the stretch of the Zen sling than with a non stretcy SSC
  • Hard to tighten the zen sling once the onbu was on
  • A bit fiddly to get a toddler into the pre buckled Zen sling. This would be easier with a smaller child
  • Lots of weight through the shoulders, had to be extra careful to have the waist band in a position to take some weight before adding in the onbu



Day 4: Boba 2 way Stretchy and Soul slings onbu

20181204_083657[1]A 2 way stretchy is good for more than just babies and I always like to try these things. I tried tied on my tummy and tied to include my hips to give hip support (I loved the added support when I’d just had my babies)

Pros Cons
  • Easy to pre tie the stretchy
  • Able to support my hips with the stretchy
  • Weight of front child very evenly distributed across shoulder and back so very comfy
  • Easy to remove either child completely independently
  • Easy to pop toddler onto my back after front one was up if needed
  • Front child leaned around a lot and sometimes a bit too much for my comfort as she decided to shove her elbows into my chest
  • Would be a bit warm in the summer


Day 5: Ring sling

Today was our outdoor explorers group, where we go walking through wooded areas and muddy paths. There was a lot of rain today and we were all in full water proof gear. I leant my second carrier to another mum to carry her 10 month old so I carried sporadically throughout the group time either 1 child, both (second one in arms on opposite hip) or neither.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to get in an out quickly (and repeatedly)
  • Easy to resize for each child
  • Easy to feed if needed
  • Hip position allowed in arms hip carry of my other Twin
  • Easy washing of sling as it was all cotton
  • My right arm got very tired carrying second twin in arms
  • Very muddy sling (my Top tip – use a dark easy wash sling for muddy adventures)
  • A little slippy as both little Miss and Mr were in water proofs and no safety net of cross passes that a buckle carrier gives


Day 6: Ring sling and SSC, Baie Sings Hadrian Aeolus Ring Sling and the Boba X20181205_145912[1]

This is often my go to quick carry, its easy and balanced. I discovered it by accident but now it’s used a few times each week

Pros Cons
  • Easy (my Top tip: have rs sized as close to possible for minimum tightening)
  • Independently get each child in and out
  • Can have font child breast feeding if needed
  • Can have front child seated sideways or off centre if you want to


  • Must put RS on (but not necessary child in, I prefer adding in the front child second) child in first before you put a child on your back
  • Can pull on shoulder if weight isn’t distributed right when you’re in a hurry


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